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Perfect RPG for anime fans!

Travel through the rift of time! Save the 800 worlds! With the power of summoning mighty followers, the hero will save the 800 worlds! Under the guidance of Goddess Kala, explore the worlds and defeat the greatest evil force!

Astral Stairways 3rd Anniversary! The 3rd-Anniversary Celebration Event has already begun! Exclusive quests and events are waiting for you! The all new Celestial Compass and daily missions bring about new challenges, not to mention the rewards coming with them! We appreciate your support! For this, lots of exclusive offers are made available! Over 1300 unique followers drawn by our incredible illustrators are waiting for you!


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Turn Based

This is a turn-based game, which means that the primary game play does not proceed until the payer takes an action. Some turn-based games have an "auto-fight" feature which allows the player to delegate the game play to a simple AI. "Pokemon" and "Bejeweled" are both exampled of turn-based game play.

Tactics Based

This is a tactics-based game. In tactics-based games, the position of your units on the battlefield affects the outcome of combat. It is usually up to the player to manage the positioning of their units.