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    Sid Story

    July 11, 2017 by DWRoelands

    Sid Story is the most unique gacha game I've played so far. In all honesty it's almost more accurate to call it a "card-collector" rather than a game, as the combat system almost feels like an afterthought.

    Sid Story's combat system is similar to most gacha games, in that you assemble a team of three monsters ("Sidians", or "Sids" for short). Once combat begins, the player has no input into the outcome; the Sids attack and use their special abilities automatically. If they win, you get the usual rewards. If they lose, you can have another go at the enemy immediately and the enemy monster doesn't regenerate its health. That's right; your Sida instantly regen all health and abilities while the enemy monster doesn't. Effectively, this mea…

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