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THE ULTIMATE MATCH ‘N SMASH GAME Simply tap the screen to instantly connect and smash panel pieces. Connect up to six pieces for a devastating Crash Panel. Smash enough pieces to unleash a Fever Attack. That’s Crash Fever!

JOIN THE MULTIPLAYER PARTY! Play solo or join the party with worldwide co-op multiplayer action. Go on quests as a team. Work together, strategize and attack! Exchange IDs with friends, and share characters with other players. Social features help you feel a part of the active Crash Fever community.

EXHILARATING CHALLENGES. THE FUN DOESN’T STOP! A simple twist on match-style gameplay cascading with fun. Take on regular quests, or try your hand at a variety of challenges. With Crash Fever you can always find new challenges, limited event quests, fun daily quests and more each week.

A PUZZLE GAME WITH CHARACTER Collect, enhance, and awaken legions of units, build your own party and embark on fantastic quests in an anime-inspired virtual world. Then discover the mysteries of the Hatcher, filled with powerful Ultra Rare units and more.


  • Simple one-tap controls let you quickly link pieces* together or unleash a barrage of bombs.
  • Regular quests, limited event quests plus much more each week.
  • Solo or Co-op multiplayer action with up to four players. Work together, strategize and attack!
  • A fun-loving community of players! Join and invite friends or a meet new ones on quests.
  • Collect, enhance and awaken your characters to build the ultimate party.
  • Build teams with Demon, Samurai, Dragon, Mech, Fantasy tribe units and more.
  • Complete Weekly and Special Missions for exciting bonuses.
  • Unleash panel-shattering chain reactions, over-the-top animations, and frantic Fever Mode!
  • Addictive puzzle and role-playing fun. Match ‘em and smash ‘em!


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Turn Based

This is a turn-based game, which means that the primary game play does not proceed until the payer takes an action. Some turn-based games have an "auto-fight" feature which allows the player to delegate the game play to a simple AI. "Pokemon" and "Bejeweled" are both exampled of turn-based game play.

Gameplay Details

In Crash Fever, the player's monsters attack the enemy one at a time. To attack, the player taps a single gem from among a pile of gems at the bottom of the screen. When the player taps, any other gem with an unobstructed line-of-sight to the selected gem is also activated. The activated gems power up the monster's attack; the more gems that are activated, the stronger the attack. If the gems are the same color as the monster, the resulting attack receives a bonus.

The player selects 3 gems in this manner, after which the monster attacks. The monster then goes to the back of the line and the next monster in the player's team attacks.